How to make a simple yellow lapel ribbon in two minutes!

A former classmate told me that he did not know how to make a yellow ribbon and he needed some guidance.


So, I produced a quick video showing him how to make a simple yellow lapel ribbon. This instructional  video was done in a hurry and is not very good. I  hope you understand and forgive me for its poor quality because I have no more time to redo it. All may family members are not at home at this moment and I could not find anyone else to help me hold and adjust the camera to the correct angle.

It is more important for me to get this post published first and get the message out quickly because as you know, the Hong Lim Park protest for Free Amos Yee will be held on this Sunday afternoon at 4pm and Amos Yee’s next court hearing will be held tomorrow.

I am posting the instructional video here just in case there are other fellow Singaporeans who may need some help in making these ribbons:


Hey, you know something, I just recall that Astronaut Neil Armstrong’s first words from the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969, were:

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

So, may be, just may be, we can say “That’s one small ribbon for Amos, one giant leap for Singapore citizenry.”

Ok, I know it sounds a little bit over-dramatic! But you know what I mean, right? Every little ounce of sincerity, solidarity, compassion and empathy for Amos will work out for good eventually. Majulah Singapura!

Please quick, quick, don’t dilly dally anymore, go and buy a small roll of yellow ribbon. I bought a roll of yellow ribbon (3 yd or 2.7m long) yesterday for two dollars and managed to make a total of twenty ribbons (cheap, cheap, only 10 cents per ribbon!) Those who have the time and can afford to buy more ribbon rolls, please make more and distribute the ribbons to your co-passengers in the MRT train (yes, even though they are strangers to you), your family relatives, and also your co-workers in the office.

Not much time left because Amos Yee’s next court hearing date will be on this coming Monday, 6 July 2015. Please wear a yellow ribbon and make a public statement to the governing authorities that we do not want Singapore to be known world-wide as an ungracious and unforgiving third-world country (so lao kui aka embarrassing!). We want the governing authorities to FREE Amos Yee and protect our young children and teenagers from harm.

Also, for those who are good with ribbon-making. Do you know that you do not need to stick with just lapel ribbons. You can make bows, like shown below:

download (5)download (4) images (30) lemonribbonbow7mm


The ladies and little girls can wear ribbons on their hair like this:

images (26)

If  you have watched my earlier video on “Tie a yellow ribbon for Amos Yee”, you will realize that if we are creative, we will learn that we can tie a yellow ribbon practically anywhere, such as on your expensive car (because of high COE loh!), on your house window, on your house door, on your house outdoor lamp, on your favorite tree (that is, if you are rich enough to stay in a landed property with your own garden tree!), on your school bag, your computer bag, on your ipad case, on your umbrella, etc. Just be creative and let your imagination runs wild, but please please not too wild that we need to organize another protest to save you (just joking for laughter!).

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